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Triple Cotton Mattress Protector


Triple Cotton Mattress Protector

  • A top layer in a pure, medium weight, cotton woven tight enough to impart strength but not too tight that it impairs air flow.
  • A middle layer of thick cotton padding for cushioning.
  • A bottom layer made of the same medium weight cotton.

We over cut the padding, knowing that it will shrink and thereby improve its cushioning effect. We finish by adding a stretchy, jersey knit side wall that can accommodate most mattresses.

The triple cotton protector is absorbent, breathable and lightly cushioning, providing excellent comfort to those who sleep warm.
Easy to care for, simply wash and dry your triple cotton pad in your home machine.
Try it out today and experience the comfort of sleeping on cotton.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fit: Contour Side Walls fit 14-17" Deep Mattresses.
  • Care: Machine Wash